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7 Promotional Printing Techniques & 3 Tips for Small Businesses

Posted on 11 May 2022
7 Promotional Printing Techniques & 3 Tips for Small Businesses

It’s tough out there for small businesses in New Zealand. Luckily, there are a few ways to get ahead and advertise your business cost-effectively using digital printing and printed promotional materials.


Top 7 Successful Printed Promotional Materials 

While digital marketing and web design are important for businesses to compete, physical promotional material and printing services are still beneficial in modern small business marketing plans.\

Brochures and flyers

Flyers are cost-effective, easy to read, and incredibly versatile. Learn how to make a good flyer to fill them with branding, pictures, colours and incentives to encourage readers to choose your local business over your competitors.

You can print brochures and flyers in different sizes like A5, A4 and more and onto different materials like paper, laminate and others. 

Posters and banners

Signs and posters are timeless and one of the most popular services offered by printing companies like Snap. With different sizes and designs like A3, A2, and banners, printing posters and signage can be similar to having an extra salesperson on a shop floor. They can tell your clients or customers about upcoming deals, events, requirements, and prices. 

Learn the best ways to print posters and how to use them in How Signs Make Your Business Stand Out.

Businesses and individuals can print posters in small numbers, or large using two different printing techniques, offset printing and digital printing. Depending on the quantity, either could be cheaper.

Label and sticker printing

Sticker printing and labels are great to promote brands, products, and encourage action from potential customers. They generate awareness and inspire action, but mostly, they’re just a lot of fun. 

Labels and stickers are both used by big and small businesses for promotions, labelling products, and more, but they’re different. Learn The Big Differences and 4 unique ways to use them before getting started on label sticker printing or custom sticker printing.

Business cards

Business card printing is popular for freelancers and businesses big and small. Custom-printed business cards are a great way to share contact information, branding, and to tell readers about your business. 

You can print business cards in different colours, shapes, and sizes to add personality.

Make sure to remember a few easy points when printing business cards for businesses in New Zealand like bleed lines, logo maximisation, and design. Check out our New Zealand Business Card Printing Guide.


Tips when printing 

When printing promotional materials for businesses, there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re getting the best deal in terms of cost-effectiveness and the time you spend.

Offset or digital printing

Offset printing and digital printing both produce great results but work in fundamentally different ways. Offset printing is typically better suited to larger custom-printing jobs, and digital printing may be better suited to smaller-scale printing tasks. Learn more offset and digital printing Tips to Decide Between Offset and Digital Printing

Paper sizes and materials

For poster printing, banners, and signs, you can choose between regular formats and large format printing. Large format printing is best suited to indoor and outdoor use and can be printed on paper and most other materials. 

Smaller format poster printing is better suited for indoor use and the most common sizes are A2 (420mmx594) and A1 (841mmx1189mm). 

When choosing paper sizes and materials, consider what you’re printing for and determine the different types of paper and which to use for your custom printing.

For business cards, you can also take a few easy points from our Custom Business Card Guide.

Choose a local printing service

Printing services are located near you to make it easier to communicate your ideas, collect your printing, and get an accurate quote. 

You can request a quote online from Snap New Zealand or Find a Centre near you near Auckland CBD. 

Talk to us at Snap North Harbour, Newton, Downtown, and East Tamaki for printing services.

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