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Standing out from the crowd is an instant attention-grabber, helping you to reel in business before you even truly start advertising. With that being said, do you feel like it’s getting harder and harder to get eyes turning your way? Different ways of marketing have exploded onto the scene in recent years, and they only seem to be getting more extravagant. However, sometimes the simplest answers are just as effective as they always have been— and they can be the easiest ones to overlook.

Posters And Banners Are Always In Style

Whatever industry you’re in, posters and banners can— and should!— be your best friend. They help with marketing by drawing the attention of as many people as possible, making it so that those who need your service or are interested in your event can’t miss it. Posters and banners have been a marketing classic since its inception, and they’re not going anywhere any time soon! Windows and walls are blank canvases ready for your advertisement art.

Your Best Choice For Large Format Printing

Whether you’re looking for posters, banners, roll-ups, or something else in the big-printing realm, we’ve got you (and your walls) covered. We offer large format printing in a range of sizes, materials, and print options, giving you the flexibility to reflect your business in exactly the way you want. Wallpaper, vehicle graphics, and signage are other forms of large format printing we can help you with, so whatever you’re looking for, rest assured we’ll help you stand out.

Ready to make a splash?

What makes our Large Format Printing the best choice for posters and banners?

No size restriction - just ask!

Common large format poster sizes range from A2 (420mm x 594mm) through A1 (594mm x 841mm) to A0 (841mm x 1189mm). However we can also print custom sizes, and just recently printed a 1000mm x 8000mm  banner. 

We work to global design standards

You deserve high-quality work, and that’s just what you’ll get with Snap. We know the best practices and always work to global design standards to help you make the best impression.

Full colour or greyscale printing

Full colour can easily be eye-catching, but so can greyscale when applied in the right way. Whichever works for you, we’ll help you stand out.

Indoor or outdoor

Indoor and outdoor signage work in very different ways, all of which we’re well-versed in. With Snap you don’t need to worry about outdoor signs fading before their time, or indoor signs that don’t look quite right.

On paper and all kinds of material

Paper choices range from standard uncoated paper (good for limited use charts or posters) to satin or gloss papers for brighter, more vivid colour and longer life. We also have synthetic papers for even more durable situations and can print on canvas for fine art prints.

Competitive prices

High-quality work doesn’t have to come at a high price. We offer competitive prices, knowing our work will have you happy and bringing in new business like you’ve never seen before.

Custom designs

A range of sizes is just the beginning! A custom design sets you apart from your competitors and helps you to be easily recognisable by customers and passers-by.

Finishing Options

Posters can be mounted on various backings (card, foamboard, coreflute etc) and/or laminated with matt or gloss laminate. Laminating can provide an extra layer of strength to your banner, making it an excellent choice for banners in windy areas.

Roll-up Banners

These come in various sizes, but the most popular is 850 x 2000mm. These come ready to roll out and with a free carry bag. Roll-up banners make for easily portable branding and messaging, allowing you to set them up at different exhibitions or events.

Looking for something larger?

If the standard banner and poster ideas aren’t cutting it for you, say no more (except to tell us what you want!). Banners and posters are just the beginning of our large print options— we also offer wallpaper, vehicle graphics, and signage. Whatever style, design, and size you have in mind, we can make it happen and tweak it to suit your needs.

Your Banner And Poster Questions Answered

Yes! Same day poster or banner printing can be difficult to find when you need it most, so rest assured we can sort it out for you. visit your local Snap Centre to eliminate the stress involved when it comes to urgent or same-day printing. 
While the choice is ultimately yours, many people choose gloss for their posters due to its versatility and shiny, reflective finish. While matte is used less often, it does emphasise detail and depth well. If you’re unsure which would be best for you, feel free to discuss your options with us.
This also depends on your needs. Outdoor posters designed to last a long time are typically printed on 170 GSM PVC poster material, while posters made for short-term use can be made with 80 GSM fluorescent paper. Again, it all depends on your specific needs and ideas!
We can make posters and banners in a wide range of sizes, from the standard options to a customised size. Picking the right dimensions is important and comes down to what it is you’re advertising.

Get All Eyes On You

Whether you’re interested in posters, banners, or something more unique, we’ve got your printing needs covered. With your advertising printed by our team at Snap, you’re in for high-quality work that’s well suited to your needs and brings all the customers to your front door!

Print Away Today

Whether you’re interested in posters, banners, or something more unique, we’ve got your printing needs covered. With your advertising printed by our team at Snap, you’re in for high-quality work that’s well suited to your needs and brings all the customers to your front door!

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