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4 Unique Ways to Use Stickers and Labels to Promote Your Business

Posted on 13 January 2022
4 Unique Ways to Use Stickers and Labels to Promote Your Business

Is your business doing enough with its promotional material?

If you’re already investing in promotional material like custom printed:

You’re on the right track.

So, knowing that you’re on the right track, why not shovel some more coal into the engine and speed things up?

Custom stickers and labels can be used in a bunch of different ways. And while they’re different, they’re both awesome marketing tools for both small and large businesses across New Zealand.

Didn't know that they were different? Learn more about the difference between personalised or custom stickers and labels in Custom-Printed Stickers vs. Labels - The Big Differences.

Here are some fantastic and unique ways to use custom-printed stickers and labels for business owners.


Custom printed stickers and labels for packaging

Packaging isn’t an unsung hero when it comes to marketing and selling tangible goods. It's quite well known, in fact, that packaging can make products far more appealing.

And if the box is the cake, then custom printed stickers and labels are the icing on top.

On product packaging, custom printed stickers and labels can be used to:

  • Seal packages and envelopes

  • Decorate

  • Add texture

For packaging, custom printed labels can be used to

  • Label specific batches and groups of products

  • Show best before dates or recommended uses

  • Add texture and personality

Custom printed labels and stickers for events

If your group or business hosts events, custom printed stickers and labels can be used to help customers get engaged.

At events, custom printed stickers can be used to:

  • Play voting games (attendees put their sticker on their choice)

  • Promote awareness

  • Fill gift bags 

And custom printed labels are great at events for:

  • Identifying attendees (Hi! My name is…)

  • Distinguishing groups like company names or teams

  • Separating ticket types or tiers

Custom printed labels and stickers to stand out or raise awareness

Stickers stick. And so do labels.

There’s a reason for the popularity and continued use of stickers for marketing across New Zealand and the rest of the world. 

Learn How Custom Stickers Capture Customers.

Depending on where stickers and labels are stuck, they can last a really long time. For groups and brands looking to promote themselves, this is a fantastic and cost-effective opportunity to make their names stick too.

If your sticker is unusual and appealing, there’s a better chance of customers sticking it to things like:

  • Books

  • Laptops

  • Cars

  • Phones

  • Desks

That’s cheap, mobile advertising– travelling with your target audience. 

Custom printed labels and stickers with personalised messages

With custom printed stickers and labels, you can say exactly what you want to say.

You don’t have to just get your brand name or information, you can get personal with your clients and customers.

Some examples of personalised messages for custom printed stickers and labels are:

  • Thank you (for attending or purchasing your product)

  • See you next time (with your next open day or event date)

  • I donated (make your donators be proud for what they did)

And on labels, you can add some extra personality to your product or service. For example, if you have a packaged and use-by date on your product, you could customise it to say something like:

  • Hi! I was created on…

  • You should enjoy me before…

  • I’m at my best before…

Stickers and labels, more than you thought

Individuals or businesses big and small can print their personalised stickers and labels through Snap New Zealand.

We’ve got locations across the country in Auckland, North Harbour, Downtown, Tamaki, and Newton for all your custom sticker and label printing.

So if you want to make your name, company, or team stand out - contact us today. Find a centre that is closest to you to call, or visit us in person.

If you know what you’re after, you can request a quote straight away and get started today.

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