Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will future technology reduce the need for printing?

Snap Printing continuously adapts its products to suit market trends. Traditional printing will always be required and new products are continually being introduced to take advantage of changing technologies.

Q: What is my financial obligation to Snap Printing in return for a franchise?

A royalty fee and advertising levy are payable each month based on a percentage of gross sales.

Q: What support do I get from Snap Printing?

Snap Printing offers an integrated management support system at both Corporate and Field levels to help you in your business.

Q: Where will my Printing Centre be located?

This will be determined between yourself and Snap Printing as the selection process proceeds. However, our products are business to business and are not suited to shopping malls. Most commonly they are street level in commercial, suburban areas and CBD's.

Q: Does Snap Printing offer training for my staff once my Centre is open?

A comprehensive range of training for owners and staff is arranged through our Snap Academy.

Q: Do Snap Printing Centres retail stationery or other "non-printing' products?

Centres are discouraged from retailing items that are not our core business of design, print, copying and digital services.

Q: Does the Franchisor, Snap Printing, provide the raw materials such as ink and paper and take a margin from these for itself?

NO. The franchisor negotiates prices with suppliers on behalf of the group, but Printing Centres deal direct with these suppliers and Snap Printing takes no commission or other form of payment.

Q: What do I get for the advertising levy?

This levy funds a number of marketing and advertising strategies to establish branding and support local marketing by Printing Centres:

  • Yellow Pages listing in all metropolitan directories in a prominent display advertisement in both the printing and photocopying sections.
  • Access to a wide range of mailers incorporating a monthly marketing program.
  • Creative consultancy and production of all media and promotional items.
  • Sales promotions including promotion people, market research, etc.
  • National media campaigns to establish branding, P.R. and extensive sales systems are also provided.

Q: Do I have to spend a percentage of my sales on local advertising?

YES. It is in the Printing Centre owner's best interests to gain maximum local business exposure and this can be best done through direct mail, signwritten vehicles, friendship programs, sales calls, personal sales efforts, etc. It is important to maximise the impact of the corporate advertising program to inform the local business community that there is a Snap Printing Centre convenient to them.

Q: If I am sick or unable to work will Snap Printing assist?

Snap Printing recommend that owners have staff who are competent in looking after their Centre in emergency situations. Snap Printing will assist in locating and training your staff to a proficient level. Snap Printing believe that it is important in planning for the growth of your business to develop competent, trained backup staff, who can manage the Centre when the owner is out making sales calls.

Q: Will Snap Printing provide relief staff when I need a holiday?

It is recommended that you have staff who are suitably trained to a level where they can relieve you to allow for time away from the business.

Q: What sort of support would I get in a country (regional) franchise?

Snap Printing aims to provide the same amount of support Metropolitan owners receive. However, it must be understood that in some cases servicing of equipment such as presses and photocopiers may not be as readily accessible as in the metropolitan areas.

Q: Do I have to use the equipment you specify or can I source my own if I can save money?

There is no objection to owners who can save money on equipment purchases. It is advised that owners seek reputable dealers and also seek the advice of their local support staff. Snap Printing thoroughly test and provide assessments on many pieces of equipment and make recommendations as to price, suitability, performance etc. It must be remembered that if you purchase equipment which is neither familiar to Snap Printing support staff nor other franchise owners, this limits the amount of advice that we can offer during times of technical difficulty.

Why should I pay Snap Printing a Royalty Fee?

We have ongoing field support programs backed up by local experienced support staff who are immediately available through mobile telephone. We have buying arrangements with all suppliers at preferred rates both for raw materials and presses and other equipment.

We have developed our own computer system called Print Perfect Elite for quoting, pricing, invoicing etc., which can be integrated with marketing and accounting uses. We have a fixed territory that is granted to you as part of your franchise agreement and as a result of which we undertake not to open another Snap Printing Centre within your territory during the life of the agreement. Our training program is based on the Australasian marketplace rather than overseas systems. Our research shows that Snap Printing is the market leader in the quick printing industry in Australasia.

Q: Do I have to stick to Snap Printing's recommendations?

NO, although as you are paying for our advice, Snap Printing would strongly advise that you do. However, you are required to adhere to things such as Corporate image and other matters as detailed in our franchise agreement. The strength of joining a franchise chain is to adhere to the proven formulae and systems if you wish to emulate the successes of other successful franchise owners.

Q: Why can't I select my own territory?

There is no reason why you cannot select your desired area, and if we believe on the face of it that it appears viable, then we will arrange to survey it to determine the quantity and type of businesses which are contained within the territory.

Only if we are satisfied, based on our substantial experience in these matters that it meets our territory criteria will we agree to proceed. Territories are allocated to each franchise owner on the basis of which Snap Printing undertake not to open any additional Snap Printing Centres within the territory and also the agreement prohibits other franchise owners from soliciting customers in your territory.

That is not to say that some customers from within your territory may deal with other franchise owners if it is their choice, for example if they are business acquaintances, or have some other personal relationship.

Furthermore, you are permitted to mail and solicit business in vacant areas around your territory until such time as those areas are franchised. It is worthwhile noting that potential customers are unlikely to travel long distances to buy printing as convenience is a telling factor in the decision to buy printing and therefore it is wise not to solicit customers from too wide a circle.

Q: Can I have more than one Snap Printing Centre?

YES, there is a written policy with respect to multi centre ownership and there are certain criteria that must be achieved in the existing Centre before approval would be given to open a second Centre. There are already a number of Snap Printing franchise owners who are multi Centre owners.

Q: Can I put a manager in and just have the Snap Printing Centre as an investment?

NO, this is not permitted. A Snap Printing franchise will only be granted on the basis that it is owner operated. We know from experience that owner-operators achieve significantly better results than investors.

Q: What if I want to sell my Snap Printing Centre

Snap Printing will give assistance to you in selling your Centre and will offer advice on valuations. However we do not become involved in the commercial transaction between you as the franchise owner and the prospective owner unless you so nominate. It is necessary that Snap Printing approves any prospective purchaser and we reserve the right to veto the sale if the proposed purchaser is not acceptable.

Q: Is it necessary that I know the printing business?

NO. The Snap Printing Franchise concept is based upon devoting your time to managing and developing the business throughout your market. You will employ the necessary people to handle the day-to-day printing and equipment operation. The amount of time spent in your Centre for supervision and day-to-day operation will vary depending upon your management abilities, employees and methods of operation.

Q: Why should I buy a franchise business when I might be able to open an independent business of my own?

According to a U.S. Department of Commence survey charting the success rate of small businesses, franchised outlets showed a significantly stronger survival rate than those choosing the independent route. In comparison, five years after opening, 77% of independent outlets had failed, whereas 92% of all franchised businesses were still in operation.

Q: Can you guarantee I will be successful?

NO. As a new Snap Printing owner, you will be making an investment in your future. Your investment will also make you an important link in our growing network. We cannot guarantee your success: your own commitment, capabilities and business skills will play a significant role. Your choice, however of a franchise business over a similar type of independent business would put the odds in your favour.

Q: How can I qualify for a Snap Printing franchise?

There are three basic requirements:
  • Have the finances to make the required investment.
  • Have the desire to create your own business with a challenging future.
  • Be willing to learn and follow the proved Snap Printing System and accept opportunities as they arise.

Q: How soon can I get started?

Depending upon the location, you can usually be in business within 90 days after you have met the requirements for a Snap Printing franchise.

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