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Colour printing that really makes your business stand out

When your company needs anything printed in colour from business cards to posters to 10,000 flyers you need to put your best foot forward. Snap are your local  experts, and we can help you choose the right solution for your colour print job.

Colour printing 101

Whether it's from a desktop or professional printer, the basics of printing are the same:

  • There are four basic colours: Cyan (blue), Magenta (a pink-purple) Yellow and K (which stands for black). Thus, the term 'CMYK'
  • These four colours are mixed in percentages to produce hundreds, if not thousands, of variations (the human eye can distinguish up to one million different colours)
  • A printer lays down micro 'dots' onto paper
  • DPI stands for dot per inch - the higher the DPI (also known as resolution), the better the final product
  • The paper you print on also affects the final product. Thinner paper (gsm) makes the ink 'bleed'. Thicker paper or card 'holds' the colour. The whiteness of the paper can affect the colour

The colour printing specialists

Snap has been in the business of printing since 1899. That's right, almost twelve decades of printing experience. Contact your local Snap Centre to discuss a range of colour printing solutions to suit you.

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With over 120 years in the printing industry, nobody knows or understands print better than Snap. We put passion and craft into print, so that each and every customer gets the WOW response they're looking for.

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