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How Signs Make Your Business Stand Out

Posted on 19 July 2021
How Signs Make Your Business Stand Out

Digital techniques are at the forefront of most shops and businesses but many overlook their brick and mortar shop fronts which are equally important.

Keep reading to make sure you're not missing out on potential customers and sales:


Why you need signage

If you're offering any products or services to customers, you're going to need signage for your business. More than being able to distinguish your building from just another door, signs are a great way to boost your marketing strategy.


Signage is essential to your overall strategy and often the first thing a customer will experience when meeting your business.

Signs are your most important salesperson and can be used in many ways like:

  • Telling your business story
  • Displaying your products/services
  • Advertising upcoming events

Cost effectiveness:

If you consider the number of people that pass your business every day and consider the amount it would cost to reach that number of people online, you'll realise the opportunity you have.

Whether travelling by car, train or walking, customer's eyes can notice your:

  • Business location
  • Current offers or sales
  • Demonstration of products (like mannequins or displays)
  • And more


Which signs do you need?

Your business name/entry

Even if you've found a shop or business online and have used your phone to navigate yourself to the location, you're going to want a sign to guarantee you're stepping into the right building.

Promotional offers:

As mentioned above, signs are a fantastic way to show customers that you've got something to offer them. If you're having a sale on a product or service, tell them by putting a sign up either inside or outside your business. If it's a particular range of products, put an additional sign with the product to draw customers towards it.

Click here to read more about signs for your business sales or click here to order your own.


Your customers' safety is of paramount importance and you can enforce your business's guidelines with signage.

For example, if you have an area which should be off-limits to customers due to sensitive material or hazards, you're going to need a sign to say so.

Additionally, COVID-19 restrictions are in place for every business across the country which you can read about here.

Click here to read more about our workplace/business safety signs.


Where should you put your signage?

Your entryway/outside the business:

As mentioned above, you're going to need signs directing your customers through your doors but you've also got the great opportunity to advertise your business to passers by.

If your business is on a street or road and you have the opportunity, put a sign outside where potential customers can see it and have the potential to read it.

You might have a designated online ordering and collection zone outside your business, use signs to ensure customers know where they should be to engage in this service.

Throughout your business:

You should consider the aspects of your business and how customers will interact with it:

  • Consider the following interactions and if your business will need signage:
  • Customer service desk/interaction point
    • Preferred payment methods
    • Business cards
    • Catalogues
  • Register/point of payment
  • Entry and exit points


How to get started

If your business is looking for a boost, talk to us online here and call your closest Snap Centre.

Ready to get started? Request a quote online today.

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