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9 Easy Points: Custom Printed Business Card Guide

Posted on 15 March 2022
9 Easy Points: Custom Printed Business Card Guide

Business cards are in everyone’s wallets and pockets. You probably have one in yours right now.

And while we don’t necessarily keep a Rolodex in our office anymore, business cards are still everywhere around New Zealand and the world. Why is that?


Are business cards still worth it?

Business cards are still relevant and almost always worth the investment for advertising, brand recognition, and contact information.

They’re right up there in terms of popularity with custom labels, custom stickers, and other promotional materials and signage

You’ll find business cards:

  • At any networking event

  • Lined up at your local coffee shop or café

  • In the mail

That’s because business cards are stress and hassle-free. There isn’t any need for fumbling around with email addresses and website typos because you have it prepared already.

Handed out, they're your brand personality and contact details in the palm of your customer or client's hand.

How much do custom business cards cost? Get a quote on your business cards now.


Snap New Zealand business card guide

What size should your business card be?

Standard business cards are sized at 91 x 55 mm, or 9.1cm by 5.5cm, to fit in a wallet. Usually, they’re about the size of a credit or EFTPOS card but they’re thinner.

In saying that, you can customise your business cards to be a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Personalise your business cards

Increase branding and add personality to business cards:

You can make your business cards stand out by personalising them. The main things to consider when personalising your business cards are your branding (colour, texture, font), and the information you provide on the card.

You can be as minimal as you like, but we'd recommend at least having the name of your business and a contact method. Some other great things to include on a business card include:

  • Your logo
  • An address
  • A small list, or examples of services or products available

Can you shape your business cards differently?

Standard shaped business cards are iconic for more than one reason:

  • They’re consistent

  • They’re recognisable

  • They fit into wallets and cardholders

In saying that, unique and different business cards are great for:

  • Catching the eye of readers

  • Increasing memorability

  • Building a unique brand image

Some popular unique business cards are shaped as squares or as rounded-corner rectangles.

Stuck on ideas? Check out our resourcesfor printing tips and inspiration like 4 Reasons to Add Social Media to Your Business Cards.


More quick business card tips:

After deciding on the basics of your business card, you can then consider the following quick tips:

  • Maximise your logo

  • Combining with and strengthening your brand image with custom-printed stationery

  • Avoid clutter and keep it simple

  • Make your colours tonal or match them to your brand identity

  • Choose a font that matches your brand

  • Offer several contact methods like social media, phone, and email


Things to avoid with custom business cards:

The number one mistake businesses and freelancers make with custom business cards is drawing outside bleed lines, or bleed areas. 

Bleed lines are a print guideline that shows where cards and images will be cut, meaning anything outside of these lines won’t show on your printed product. Not sure if your image or design will work for your business card? Contact us and we'll take a look and let you know.

The second biggest mistake for custom printed business cards is neglecting durability. 

Business cards spend a lot of time in wallets and pockets getting bruised and battered. To increase the life of your business cards that you give to clients or customers, increase the stock weight or have them laminated. Snap New Zealand can print your business cards with laminate protection. Contact a centre near you or request a quote on laminated business cards. 


Are custom printed business cards expensive?

You can print your business cards with a better chance of return on your investment and increased life expectancy with the right help. 

Get a free quote on your custom printed business cards or get honest advice from your local New Zealand Snap Centre. We have local custom printing centres near you in North Harbour, Downtown, Newton, and East Tamaki.

Find a centre near you or Request a Quote. 

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