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How Custom Stickers Capture Customers

Posted on 21 December 2020
How Custom Stickers Capture Customers

Custom sticker printing is a fun and simple way to advertise your business. Including customised stickers as part of your marketing strategy is an effective way of attracting and keeping customers.


Here are 5 ways you can use custom stickers to capture customers:

1. Promote your brand

Giving away custom stickers to current and prospective customers is not only an effective advertising option but it's also a great way to give your customers a little extra. You can hand them out personally or keep them at your point of sale for customers to help themselves.  If you're an eCommerce-based business, you can also send them out through shipped orders.

If the design of the sticker is pleasing, people will stick it on surfaces that others will often see - like on drink bottles and laptops. Instantly, you've got yourself a form of advertisement that will spread your brand awareness in one of the simplest ways possible.

2. Spice up your product packaging

Whatever your product, custom labels and stickers are great to spice up the labelling itself or the packaging.

Another effective measure is to add your social media handles and contact details to these stickers to engage your customers to interact with you further or remind them of where they can go to continue learning more about your business.

3. Boost exposure with shipping label stickers

Shipping label stickers obviously serve the purpose of getting the package to the appropriate recipient, but a branded shipping label is a way to boost exposure. Whether you use the branded shipping label to write the address of the customer or just to add some flair to the packaging, your customers will know immediately that it's your business as soon as they see the box.

4. Easy promotional product

Custom stickers are possibly one of the more simple and easy promotional tools a business can utilise. They're particularly suitable if you've only got a small budget. You can pop stickers on a box of chocolates or notebook and you've instantly got a great promotional gift to give away.

5. Use them as a creative business card

While there's nothing wrong with a customised business card, if you're looking to do something outside of the box, use a customised sticker as a business card alternative!

Consider how many business cards others are given during a networking event. A well-designed, custom sticker with your contact details on it is a great way to stand out. This also could be effective if you're promoting your business at a networking event.


Marketing strategies

Custom stickers are a fun addition to add to your advertising and marketing strategies - best of all, they're usually a more affordable option for those just getting started or for those looking to add some extra flair with a minimal budget. If you're looking to add custom stickers to your marketing mix, we've got you covered with our sticker and label printing services.

Experience the difference our printing services can make for you, whether it's for a special occasion or for growing your business, we can help you succeed - contact the team at your local Snap New Zealand.

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