Christmas cards from Snap

The world's greatest comeback story since Arnold Schwarzenegger said... I'll Be Back
Yep, Christmas cards are back! But not just any Christmas cards... unique, one off Christmas card designs for your business from Snap

When other people zig, it's time to zag!

Christmas cards are back, and much more powerful than they ever were - and hence a great opportunity for you.
In the past, many businesses decided that an email was enough to satisfy the Christmas tradition of acknowledging valued customers.
But a physical card says so much more about you as a business.
It shows you are willing to go that extra mile for a unique experience for your customers, not just offer 'off the shelf' solutions. 

A card will definitely be noticed, read and saved.

This is especially true if it is a little different and unique from the norm.
An email, on the other hand, is 'fleeting' in nature, if seen at all.
It could easily be screened out by software or even your PA.
But, send a card a few weeks before Christmas, and your brand will likely sit on your client's desk for the weeks in the lead up to Christmas - and even after!

Below are some concepts to show what we can do. Tell us the 'look' you are after and we'll do the rest.

Snap Downtown October-December Promo

Call Nicol, Ja or Ray for Pricing.

Of course, if you have your own design, we can print that too!

Snap Downtown October-December Promo

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