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How to Enforce Internal Policies Through Print

Posted on 25 August 2020
How to Enforce Internal Policies Through Print

If you've ever had to read through a dense, text-heavy document, you'd know it's not everyone's idea of a good time - especially when that document is important and necessary.

But what if we told you that through 5 creative hacks, you can help make your training manuals, operational procedures and more into reader-friendly documents for your employees?


1. Eye-catching designs

One way to take dreary, heavy based text and make it more appealing is to bring some design to the page. Well designed documents are essentially more reader friendly and easier for your employees to digest.

It's helpful to use consistent fonts that are easy on the eyes, while also breaking up the layout with subheadings and bullet points so that information is clearer. This also effectively breaks up key information. This can also help develop a contingent layout that's easy for the eye to follow while keeping the mind activated and alert with engaging design.


2. Introduce colours

Colours are a key element in design and it most certainly matters when it comes to creating documents that are reader friendly. Using your brand's colours can assist in creating  a document that feels familiar, comfortable and consistent to your team, in ways they can identify with it.

It's also useful to help communicate messages more effectively. Colour is known to elicit certain responses from readers when it comes to emotive responses and memory. Using a splash of colour to highlight key points may help your employees take notice of important points. Additionally, studies have also shown that certain colours have a positive effect on memory recall meaning you can assist in the retaining of key messages through colour.


3. Bind it

Good first impressions are always important. When it comes to policy documents, you can keep your booklets and documents in top condition by binding them. Comb binding is a popular choice for internal documents and documents that are thicker, but there are several options such as perfect binding and wire binding that you can choose depending on the size of your document.


4. Say it with a sign

Using a sign or poster is an effective way to display information you need or want you employees to take notice of. They also serve as reminders throughout the day or on a long-term basis if left in a communal place.

Signs and posters can be custom designed and printed on a huge range of finishes to suit your needs. Roll-up banners are another great option to consider, also coming in various sizes and with free carry bags to ensure protection and longer shelf lives.


5. Finish it strong

Choosing an appropriate finish for your project plays an important role in the printing of policy documents. This choice also greatly affects the physical shelf-life, final feel and look of your policy documents.

Many choose to laminate as the plastic coating is durable and can easily be wiped clean without damaging the document. Alternatively, for longer documents, a heavier paper stock and matte finish are more suitable against frequent use.


While internal documents aren't always the most enjoyable items for your employees to read, they don't have to be boring and you can make the process easier and more inviting for your team. Help them retain the key information you want them to know through effective design and print processes.

For help creating internal policy books your employees enjoy reading, contact your local Snap New Zealand team here.

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