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6 Ways Print Can Improve Your Business Relationships

Posted on 24 September 2020
6 Ways Print Can Improve Your Business Relationships

Building and networking your client relationships is always a key focus of any business. If you're looking for new and alternative approaches to strengthening your relationships with clients and contacts, print is the way to go. But how can you use print to help you leverage these relationships?

We've compiled a list of helpful ideas to get you started.


1. Make a statement with business cards

Sometimes meeting a new business contact comes at the most unexpected times. When these occurrences happen, the last thing you want to do is hand over a scrap piece of paper pulled crumpled up from your bag or pocket - this certainly isn't the first impression you want to make. This is why keeping handy some impactful business cards is beneficial.

Personalised, statement making business cards ensure your contact details are going with this new client in the most professional manner possible. You can have yours professionally printed with logos, bright colours, textures and premium materials, making you an unforgettable contact.


2. Personalised direct mail

In a digital dominated society, direct mail has grown into a medium that really stands out from the crowd. From textures to the smells of freshly printed ink, direct mail mediums engage the senses in a way digital communication falls short. Once the senses are engaged, interest and attention are heightened - it's also known to help develop a stronger emotional response as well.

Direct mail can even be personalised through modern technologies like variable data printing (VDP), which allows you to go further than just addressing the recipient by name. Using QR codes, special offers and even images, you can customise direct mail in completely innovative ways that will really wow your clients.


3. Physical thank-you notes

Sending physical and personalised thank-you notes help you stand out from an overstuffed email inbox. This method of showing appreciation to your clients and contacts shows that you went the extra mile to be thoughtful in showing your gratitude.

Additionally, you can print these thank-you notes with your company branding and logos, keeping your business at the forefront of your clients minds and potentially spreading brand awareness.


4. Attention grabbing presentations

Presentations can be nerve wracking, especially when you've put so much time and effort into perfecting your slides. You want to impress the audience - why not do something different and have a printed document alongside your presentation?

Print adds a more interactive layer to your presentation, providing a tactical element your audience can flip through while you speak, take home with them and review at a later time. By leaving a branded document with your audience, you can make a lasting impression of your brand well after audiences have left your office.

Additionally, they can take vital information from the presentation with them so everything you need them to know about your business or you is not forgotten.


5. Send your thanks via a branded gift

Promotional products have a diverse range of uses that extend beyond introducing yourself as a way to find potential clients or customers. Branded products make a fantastic way to say thank-you to current clients or to say hello to ones who've recently gotten on board.

Rather than just sending an email, a branded gift such as a pen, mug, USB stick or mouse pad is a more permanent way to leave a lasting impression and show your gratitude to these business relationships.


6. Show you understand their needs

Personalisation is a key approach to transforming how businesses think about print. In order to show your clients you understand them and their needs, sending them a personalised product catalogue shows how you understand their requirements on a more personal level, showing you care and that they're not just another sale to you. This tailored approach shows you genuinely care about them and have put the time and effort into understanding what they need from your business.

If you're looking for innovative ways to continue building your business's relationships, keep your brand at the forefront of your client's mind and leave a lasting impression, print is just the way to do it.

To help strengthen your business relationships today, contact the team at your local Snap centre.

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