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4 Ways Small Businesses Can Keep Customers

Posted on 15 October 2021
4 Ways Small Businesses Can Keep Customers

They say that it’s five times cheaper to keep a customer than to try and get a new one - so here’s how to do that.


Be personal

The best way to retain customers is to get to know them better. 

It’s the little things that make a difference, and it’s one of the strongest weapons in a small businesses’ arsenal. Your local coffee shop does it, so why don’t you?

The regulars at a café will get the small talk treatment, they’ll be greeted by name and they’ll get asked how their day has been. You can do the same for your business. 

One of the best ways to increase your relations and be more personal with your customers is to use a newsletter. A newsletter is a great tool for businesses that are small, medium, and large - and it can be physical or digital. 

Inside your newsletter, you can let your customers know what you’ve been up to and what they have to look forward to. It’s that small talk in a letter. 

Read more tips about what to put in your newsletter, or learn how to print one here.


Say thanks

Saying thanks is simple manners, right? So why not have your business say thank you as well?

There are heaps of great ways to say thank you to your customers. More than saying thank you at the end of a transaction, you can offer your customers rewards and incentives like:

One of the most popular ways to say thank you and improve customer retention is to use a retention or loyalty program.

A loyalty program offers incentives for customers to come back to you instead of swapping to your competitors. Some examples include:

  • A discount which builds with each visit

  • A stamp card with a prize at the end, like a free coffee

When you weigh up the cost of gaining a new customer, versus the cost of a free coffee… it’s a no brainer.


Get their input

No one knows more about the quality of your product or service than the people who buy or use it. So why not ask them what they think? 

If you have a physical presence, you can put a suggestion box in your business location for customers to use.

And if you have an online presence as well (which you should), you can ask for reviews on Google and on your website.

The easiest way to get these reviews is to make it easier for your customers. Some of the ways to make it easier include:

  • Including a link in your online communications

  • Generating a QR code and presenting it in your physical presence

You can print your review forms and QR codes at a Snap Centre near you, or by requesting a quote here.


Boost your branding strategy

Small businesses across New Zealand use branding techniques like posters, stickers and labels, banners, brochures, and business card printing-- and it works.

Or, remind your customers and clients that you're there by offering them items they can use, like custom stationery

Learn about custom labels and stickers to promote your business in one of our helpful custom printing articles to get started orfind a centre near you.


Build your retention strategy today

Get started on your customer retention strategy and save money on your advertising budget today by browsing our resources or by finding a local Snap Centre near you.  Or request a quote for what you're after online.

Snap is your local New Zealand printing company with centres in and around Auckland CBD for your printing and design needs.

Call your local Snap centre now or come in a talk to us in person.

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