Custom-Printed Stickers, Labels and Decals

For brand and promotional messages you want to stick-around.

Stickers, labels, and decals: Where attention-grabbing design meets memorable brand messaging.


A sticker is a versatile label crafted from materials like paper or vinyl, featuring a printed design or message on one side and adhesive on the other. They serve as potent advertising tools, capable of elevating brand visibility among both existing and potential customers.


A label is a material piece, usually paper, applied to a product for identification or description. They're designed for specific surface sizes, like a three-inch jar lid. Labels are crucial for distinguishing and tracking inventory, a fundamental aspect of most saleable items.


Decals, akin to stickers, are decorative adhesive items crafted from vinyl or other films. Their larger formats make them ideal for outdoor advertising or adhering to expansive surfaces.

Sticker Printing

Stickers are versatile advertising tools used across industries. Printing them can be complex and time-consuming. Simplify the process and save resources by contacting your local Snap Print Solutions Centre.

When to choose custom sticker printing:

  • Event name stickers
  • Branded packaging stickers
  • Promotional bumper stickers
  • Window stickers
  • Product stickers

Label Printing

Printing labels on an office printer can be tedious and error-prone. Simplify the process with consistent, high-resolution labels from your local Snap Print Solutions Centre. Use our sticker and label size guide to create a design that aligns with your brand, and we'll bring it to life with professional printing.

When to choose custom label printing:

  • Packaging labels
  • Food and beverage labels
  • Product labels
  • Barcode labels
  • Warning labels
  • Logo labels
  • Nutrition labels

Why choose us for custom sticker, label, and decal printing?

DIY sticker and label printing can be a time-consuming hassle on an ordinary office printer. Small issues can lead to damaged labels, increasing costs and wasting time.

We use high-quality inks and durable paper stocks to ensure impactful results that do your brand justice. Enjoy fast turnaround times for urgent orders and excellent customer service. Need help with design? Our in-house team can create bold statement stickers and labels, with custom shapes and sizes available.

Whether it's labels for mass mailouts, business stationery, wine bottles, or event stickers for windows and walls, trust Snap Print Solutions for a quick and successful printing job.


Apply logos, lettering and images to your windows, doors, walls and floors. Our decals can be produced in just about any size and shape. Their versatility makes them an ideal option for retail, office and professional settings that want to seamlessly incorporate educational, directional or promotional information.


Custom stickers and branded labels are the perfect accent for any type of packaging. Transform a plain cardboard box into a branded masterpiece or use your stickers to elegantly seal a gift box, all while giving your customers a lasting impression of your brand. The packaging possibilities are endless.

Personalised Postage and Delivery

From boxes and bags to envelopes and postal tubes, your branded packaging stickers are the seal that holds it all together. Whether your parcel is headed to the next street or the other side of the globe, our durable packaging stickers and addressed labels will hold up to the rigours of shipping and delivery. And with your unique design, everyone who looks at it will know exactly where it came from.

Supplied to be Applied

We can supply your stickers in a configuration that best suits how they will be used or distributed. Choose single stickers for easy promotional giveaways that can be passed around without requiring scissors. Planning to use your stickers for postage? Then opt for the more economical sheet or roll format that will help you cut down on packaging time and costs.

Snap Into Action With Snap NZ

No matter your industry, your goal is to stand out and grow. Stickers and decals are potent marketing tools that help you leave a lasting impression, essential for business expansion. Get started on your distinctive stickers and decals today by requesting a quote or visiting a Snap centre near you.

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