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How To Maintain Consistent Branding

Posted on 2 February 2021
How To Maintain Consistent Branding

Branding is a key component of any business, regardless of industry. It involves both visual and non-visual elements and is a core component of marketing strategy.

But why is branding so important? It comes down to trust, credibility and expectations are outcomes of branding. 

It can take years to build a brand from the ground up and even then, they require consistent maintenance. When businesses let their branding slip, the inconsistency raises questions in the consumers minds, making you appear less trustworthy than before.

So, what are some simple ways you can implement consistent branding?


1) Have strict, yet clear, branding guidelines 

Branding is more than just your logos and colour themes. While visual elements make up a vast majority of it, there's other elements that are equally as important.

Your tone of voice strategy, key messages, brand vision and values are all part of your overall branding. These should all be factored into your strategy.

Additionally, all of these elements should be outlined clearly in your guidelines to ensure all employees you have know how and what they should be implementing.


2) Ensure your print partners are aligned

Working with a key print partner that understands your brand as well as your own employees do is a key component of maintaining consistent branding.

Having a key partner for your print greatly reduces the risk of irregularities and inconsistencies is a lot lower.

When considering who to partner with your printing needs, having a list of questions regarding how they deal with and support branding on high marketing activities.


3) Conduct regular audits

This is particularly important when you're introducing new processes or initiatives as it's not unlikely that a brand inconsistency can slip through.

Taking the time to conduct a visual audit will help you identify any inconsistencies so they can be addressed and action can be taken to prevent it from occurring again in the future.

Having quality print partners will also act as an additional check for inconsistencies.


True coherency with your brand starts with having a premier printing partner who not only understands your needs for consistent branding but also knows how to help you deliver it.

That's why Snap New Zealand is here to help. Our team of professionals have the latest digital technology and marketing knowledge to bring your branding to life.

Experience the difference our printing services can make for you, whether it's for a special occasion or for growing your business, we can help you succeed - contact the team at your local Snap New Zealand.

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